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This week's special treat by Aka Moon: Nasa Na!

Nasa Na in Jazz Station by Aka Moon & Hervé Samb

Two unique concerts with Fabrizio Cassol (saxophone), Michel Hatzigeorgiou (bass), Stéphane Galland (drums) and special guest Hervé Samb (guitar)

Nasa Na was born in 1989, the moment legendary club 'De Kaai' opened its doors in Brussels. For three years, Fabrizio Cassol, Michel Hatzigeorgiou, Stéphane Galland and Pierre Van Dormael performed there every Tuesday 'till 1992, when trio Aka Moon was born. The band made a recording that has never been released. It was one of Pierre Van Dormael's last requests, who passed away a few years ago, to make it public. The legendary never-heard album is released by Fabrizio Cassol on his collection 'Instinct’ (Outhere Music) as a tribute to Pierre and will be performed exclusively at Jazzstation this month! 

26 - 27.05 | Jazz Station (Brussels)

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De Beren Gieren have great news!

Vinyl-lovers, this one's for you!

Yay, the long-expected One Mirrors Many vinyl finally arrived! The CD has been released a while ago, but more and more people were hungry for a vinyl edition of the album. Thanks to record label sdban (part of N.E.W.S.), you can find the LP now in store!

And there's more!

De Beren Gieren will be touring in Europe this week! From 26 'till 31 May, you can find them on leading jazz stages in Hungary and Romania:

26.05 | BMC (Budapest)
29.05 | Green Hours Jazz Festival (Bucharest)
31.05 | TIFF (Cluj Napoca)

Don't miss it! More information here.

Ready for The Bureau of Atomic's American tour?!

21.05 | Constellation (Chicago)
22.05 | The Firehouse Space (New York)
23.05 | Shapeshifter Lab (New York)
25.05 | Poisson Rouge (New York)

Critical acclaim by American newspapers and blogs, the release of their third album 'Hapax Legomena', Jon Irabagon replacing Andrew D’Angelo and above all an invitation by famous venue 'Le Poisson Rouge' to play at their renowned festival. Therefore, an international tour through the USA is the natural consequence in the evolution by this international band.

A special focus in this tour goes to New York, the city were Free Jazz, BOAT’s genre, was born.

The Bureau of Atomic Tourism has a special line up for this project:

Teun Verbruggen - drums (Belgium)
Nate Wooley - trumpet (Sweden)
Jozef Dumoulin - fender rhodes (Belgium)
Jon Irabagon - saxophone (USA)
Hilmar Jensson - guitar (Iceland)
Tim Dahl - bass (Norway)

See you there!

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Vinyl lovers, this one's for you!

Drum rolls...
YAY! You can finally find the Beren Gieren's long-expected vinyl 'One Mirrors Many' in store (13/05)!

The CD has been released a while ago, but more and more people were hungry for a vinyl edition of the album. Thanks to record label sdban (part of N.E.W.S.), you can find the LP in store this Friday

One Mirrors Many is a new step in the development of De Beren Gieren, involving electronics tainting their acoustic sound. The result? A much more opinionated and energetic vibe

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Heydays at Aubergine: 3 bands @ Jazz à Liège

Heydays at Aubergine Artist Management:

Duo à L'encre, Aka Moon and De Beren Gieren: three bands of Aubergine Artist Management at Mithra Jazz à Liège.
You gotta love summer!

Summer’s here and so are the festivals! We’re happy to announce that no less than three of our bands are performing at the renowned Mithra Jazz à Liège Festival this week. De Beren Gieren and Aka Moon kick off in two days (11/05) at the Reflektor club. De Beren Gieren will play their acoustic-electronic One Mirrors Many, Aka Moon brings together with Fabian Fiorini a jazz-adaptation of Scarlatti’s sonatas in their ‘The Scarlatti Book’-project.

Saturday (14/05) it is Duo à l’encre’s turn! At 7 p.m. Teun Verbruggen and Vincent Glowinski will blow your mind with this exclusive concert! Don’t miss it.

We hope to see you there!

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LABtrio meets saxophonist Harald Lassen: Norwegian tour!

Did you know LABtrio is touring in Norway with the incredible Norwegian saxophonist Harald Lassen next week? After a short residence in Oslo, the musicians will present this new-made material exclusively during some exciting concerts in Norway:

05/05 Maijazz (Stavanger)
06/05 Anjazz (Hamar)
08/05 Kampenjazz (Oslo)
02/06 Nattjazz (Bergen)
(only trio)

After many years, building up strong band concepts such as the indie jazz quartet Pixel, avant-hiphop sextet Mopti&Bendik Baksaas and the innovative duo DUPLEX, saxophone player Harald Lassen decided to track his jazz roots and write music for a really conventional jazz line up; the piano quartet:

« I’ve missed the «jazz way» of running a band and create music; just write some simple tunes, play through them and do a gig - and let the rest be up to the music.» 

Lassen had been searching for a while for the perfect quartet, and then he heard LABtrio in Umeå:

«They totally blew me off with their interaction and musicality! I decided immediately; LABtrio or no one!» «Our concert at Maijazz will be our first time playing together and I’m really excited about the idea of entering such a strong unit as LAB trio with my compositions.
I’m looking forward to not having full control and to be really vulnerable. I guess it’s called «jazz»! 

Lander, Anneleen, Bram, Harald & the Aubergine team hope to welcome you there!

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Must-watch @ Jazzahead!

Hi there!
Like we announced past week, LABtrio, Dans Dans & the Aubergine Artist Management team are really excited to see you all at Jazzahead!. Come meet us at the Belgian stand (6D02) Friday 22 April (5 p.m.). We’re bringing some fine Brussels beers with us.

Besides LABtrio and Dans Dans we warmly recommend these other bands, somehow connected to the Aubergine family:

Mopo (Finland)

In 2013, saxophonist Linda Frederikson was part of the European Saxophone Ensemble. A true revelation! We're looking forward to her performance at Jazzahead! with her Finnish band 'Mopo'.
- - Saturday 23/04: 11.30 p.m. - Midnight  (Halle 7.1)

Dinosaur (UK)

Another rising star at the jazz firmament is Laura Jurd. She “matched & fused” her band Dinosaur with LABtrio to play several double bills in Belgium and the UK. Check it out!
- - Saturday 23/04 : 8.30 p.m. – 9 p.m.: Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

Amir ElSaffar Two Rivers Ensemble (US)

Amir, an American with Iraqi roots, was part of the dream cast of Aka Moon's project Alefba. At Jazzahead! he presents its new album, with i.a. Nasheet Waits.
- - Friday 22.04 – 9 p.m. – 9.45 p.m.: Halle 7.2

See you there!

JAZZAHEAD!, WATCH OUT: LABtrio is coming!

Aubergine Artist Management is proud to present yet again two incredible talented Belgian bands at the renowned showcase festival Jazzahead! this year: LABtrio & Dans Dans.

LABtrio 23/04 – 4 p.m. – 4.30 p.m.: Hall 7.1

Dans Dans 23/04 – 9.30 p.m. – 10 p.m.: Kulturzentrum Schlachthof

Thanks to and Brussels Invest & Export you can meet us Friday 22th of April (5 p.m.) at the Belgian stand (6DO2). We're bringing some special Belgian beers with us. No better way to celebrate! See you there.

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MATCH&FUSE - Dinosaur (UK) & LABtrio (BE) from Lisa Tahon on Vimeo.

Warped Dreamer presents: New album “Lomahongva” + European tour!

Europe, are you ready for this incredible band’s first album “Lomahongva”? The brand new CD is recorded in January at ‘Het Bos’ (Antwerp) and will be released next month. The artwork has been provided by none less than renowned artist Michaël Borremans. Enjoy!

To celebrate this great news in style, Warped Dreamer plans an exciting European tour:

May 15: Moers Festival, Moers (Germany)
June 7: De Singer, Rijkevorsel (Belgium)
June 8: Lantarenvenster, Rotterdam (The Netherlands)
June 9: Bimhuis, Amsterdam (The Netherlands)

See you there!

More information here

A week to look forward to for De Beren Gieren!

It promises to be an amazing week for our Bears. With three excited concerts programmed this week, they can’t wait to perform their ‘One Mirrors Many’ for you!

First up: CC De Fabriek (Bavegem) at the 24th of March. Next, the trio will set the public alight in the Ancienne Belgique during the brand-new BRDCST Festival. The very next day, it is in Utrecht that they will win hearts and minds for Belgian top jazz during the Transition Festival.

Their presence at these two leading festivals goes to show once again that their challenging music transcends jazz. Or as Le Soir says: 

“The Dutch trio is fascinating. A sound, energy and subtlety hitherto unheard of. Simply exceptional, also on stage.”

Le Soir

See you there:

24.03: CC De Fabriek, Bavegem
25.03: BRDCST Festival, Ancienne Belgique, Brussels
26.03: Transition Festival, Utrecht

© Grégoire Verbeke

BRZZVLL: "Thanks for being part of our ‘sold out’ Leuven Jazz concert!"

Last Saturday night (19.03), BRZZVLL played their second exclusive try-out concert, this time at the renowned Leuven Jazz Festival. As promised, they took their audience into a soundscape that flirts with jazz, funk and futuristic sounds.

It was a full house! They want to thank everybody being part of this incredible night.

“It was great fun. We’re looking forward to the recording of our new album, with this new musical material. To be continued!”

Missed it? Or wanna relive the night? You can find some pics here. Enjoy!

Aka Moon @ renowned Festival A Vaulx Jazz!

Centre Culturel Charlie Chaplin (Vaulx en Velin)
Thu 10 March 2016
8.30 p.m.

Fabrizio Cassol (Alto Saxophone)
Michel Hatzigeorgiou (Bass)
Stéphane Galland (Drums)
Fabian Fiorini (Keys)

This Thursday Aka Moon is playing at the renowned Festival A Vaulx Jazz! Never  afraid  of  new  musical  encounters,  the  band  devoted  its  new  album  to  the  Italian  composer Domenico  Scarlatti  (1685-1757).  The  latter  offers  in  its vast  repertoire  of  sonatas  a  unique  musical material, fascinating in its rhythmic and harmonic eccentricities, creating an ideal ground to extract a suitable  substance  to  the  musical  language  for  Aka  Moon accompanied  in  this  adventure  by  the pianist Fabian Fiorini. Performing  this  baroque  music  in  another  time  and  space gives  to  the  contemporary  interpretations very much room for improvisation. Built on an almost cinematic drama experience, this creation takes its audience on an imaginary journey with a lot of surprises. Come see it for yourself! 

More information here

This Thursday: exclusive try-out by BRZZVLL @ Jazz Station Brussels!

Be the first to know how BRZZVLL will sound in 2017!

BRZZVLL recently issued its new CD “First Let’s Dance” featuring guest vocalist Amir Sulaiman, a hefty successor to the album “Engines” with Anthony Joseph. Both artists are known for their incredible performances at the monthly ‘Nuff Said gigs.

For the new album, they go back to basics: raw and captivating sounds brought by a well-oiled jazz-funk band. The addition of a second drummer makes it all even groovier. With this instrumental line-up, the musicians completely break loose and take their audience into a soundscape that flirts with jazz, funk and futuristic sounds.

They'll perform 2 exclusive try-outs of the new material that will be recorded soon:

10/03 @ Jazz Station, Brussels
19/03 @ Leuven Jazz / Het Depot, Leuven

More information here.

An Old Monk goes Brazil!

An Old Monk @ Festival Mostra Internacional de Teatro
8-12 Mar. 2016
Sao Paulo 

Kris Defoort - keys
Josse De Pauw - storytelling

In less than a week, An Old Monk goes Brazil! They're invited at Sao Paulo at Festival Mostra Internacional de Teatro. Josse De Pauw performs a piece he wrote himself, with music by Kris Defoort inspired by Thelonius Monk. About wanting to live at all costs. Enjoy! 

More information here.

Jens Maurits Orchestra @ CC Casino Koksijde

Triggers & thresholds

C.c. Casino Koksijde

Sat. 05.03 - 8 p.m.


Jens Maurits Bouttery - drums, concept, compositions

Daan Milius - dramaturge, concept, video

Lucas Kramer - installation "La Bestia"

Dorian Dumont - piano

Niels Van Heertum - euphonium

Benjamin Sauzereau - guitar

Rik Sturtewagen - violin

Lennart Heyndels - violoncello

Joris Lindemans - double bass

Doug Eynon - storytelling

A 10-headed installation concert questioning the evolution from ape-man to music? Two words: triggers & thresholds. It tells the story about mythical Jean-Godefroy thrusts the orchestra on a musical journey. The compositions are musical games that simulate scientific processes and investigate group dynamics. As with evolution, every step triggers a multitude of potential futures. It's an extraordinary concert, not to be missed!

Next Saturday @ C.c. Casino Koksijde. Be there!

triggers & thresholds is made with the support of the Flemish Government, Rataplan Vzw, Vrijstaat O., Aubergine Artist Management and Jazz Station
Artwork by
 Lisa Gambey

Kris Defoort duo with Wolter Wierbos @ Bimhuis Amsterdam

Dream Duos
Thu 18 Feb 2016 - 8 p.m.

Oscar Jan Hoogland (piano) & Joachim Badenhorst (klarinet)
Fred van Hove (piano) & Wilbert de Joode (bas)
Kris Defoort (piano) & Wolter Wierbos (trombone)

Flemish and Dutch musicians meet each other in the most intimate line-up possible: the duo. Three sets with the piano as a constant.

Adventurous musicians from The Netherlands and Flanders meet one on one in the concert series Dream Duos. Each performance is a new exchange of ideas by means of improvisation and composition. With musicians of this level there is no shortage of musical subjects—lighthearted, serious, stormy or meditative. For this special edition the Bimhuis presents three different piano duos. In collaboration with the Doek Foundation and Beste Buren.

Supported by Beste Buren

Tickets & more info

LABtrio & Dans Dans selected for JAZZAHEAD! 2016

7-24 April 2016
Jazzahead! (Bremen)

40 bands from 16 countries have been selected for the Jazzahead! showcase festival from a total of 587 applications from 42 countries. LABtrio was one of the two Belgian bands that were selected! They'll present themselves on one of the three stages of Exhibition Center Bremen and Kulturzentrum Schlachthof at jazzahead! on the 23th of April 2016More information soon! 

Warped Dreamer selected for Moers Festival 2016!

13-16 May 2016
Moers Festival (Whitsun)

After a short tour in 2015, Warped Dreamer is ready for more. This music projects that connects talents of Belgian stalwarts Teun Verbruggen (drums) and Jozef Dumoulin (keyboards) with those of Norwegian experimentalists Stian Westerhus (guitar) and Arve Henriksen (trumpet), has been selected to play at this year's edition of Moers Festival. What to expect? Free improvisation, jazz residue and electronic interventions/manipulations are woven together in an organically flowing crossover that hints at a Northern vastness and guides the audience past spontaneous interactions. Their music defies categorisation. If you like improv, this is for you!

Additionally, in 2016 they will release a new album and start their European tour. More information soon!

BRZZVLL releases new album: FIRST LET'S DANCE, A ‘Nuff Said celebration ft. Amir Sulaiman

Exactly one year after ‘Engines’, their hailed long-player featuring Anthony Joseph, BRZZVLL releases its fifth album: FIRST LET’S DANCE, A ‘Nuff Said celebration ft. Amir Sulaiman. Indeed, this album is a celebration in honour of their longterm collaboration with ‘Nuff Said and guest- featuring Amir Sulaiman, who could be considered ‘Nuff Said’s godfather. Amir Sulaiman is a poet and musician born in Rochester, New York. He played along with Russell Simmons’ HBO Def Poetry Jam and since then, has been touring non-stop around the world.

First Let’s Dance is mainly culled from a magical record session which lasted exactly three hours: a jam with an exhausted Amir Sulaiman who was suffering from jetlag and had to be back on a plane five hours later. These recordings have been used as the basis for the in-depth post-production process that would follow. The result is an intense but happy trip in which you are tossed back and forth between loaded hip hop, electronic funk, perplexing jazz music and freestyle poetry.

Expect a reborn BRZZVLL who take their sound and play to the next level, accompanied by the thrilling, contemporary and spiritual poetry and rap of Amir Sulaiman.

“I know that everything is wrong, but first let’ s dance.”

Upcoming release concerts across Belgium:

3/02: De Centrale, Ghent
4/02: Nuff Said @ De Warande, Turnhout
5/02: Nuff Said @ ccBe, Berchem
5/02: Late night release show @ Piaf, Antwerp
6/02: Nuff Said @ C-Mine, Genk

Teaser new album LABtrio: "The Howls Are Not What They Seem"

In January 2016 LABtrio releases their new album “The Howls Are Not What They Seem” (featuring Michael Attias en Christopher Hoffmann) on Outhere Music. The album was recorded during the summer of 2015 at Kaleidoscope Sound in New Jersey (USA).

Lisa Tahon from Lisa’s Productions
made a documentary about this trip to the USA, that you can watch in premier on this link:

The album will be presented to the Belgian audience during LABtrio’s new tour throughout Flanders and Wallonia. Their first concert will take place at La Ruche Théâtre in Marcinelle. This tour has been organised with help from Les Lundis D’Hortense.

A new season of RAT Events!

RAT RECORDS was founded in 2003 by Teun Verbruggen and Bruno Vansina. Their goal was to produce contemporary jazz and experimental alternative music, to organize concerts, to promote free improvised music and to create a platform for experimental music.

RAT stands for ‘Rare and Treacherous’. RAT RECORDS wants to produce music without compromises. Their focus lies on all alternative, experimental music that does not fit within the ‘mainstream’ category. The first two releases ‘Trio Music’ (2004) and ‘In Orbit’ (2006) were created by VVG trio. Further releases were created by Othin Spake, Rackham, The Black Napkins, Too Noisy Fisch.

RAT EVENT emerged in 2008 from a label night by RAT RECORDS. Several venues have organized a RAT EVENT ever since (Vooruit, Recyclart, AB, Zuiderpershuis…). The past few years RAT EVENT often programmed bands that were linked to the RAT RECORD label. Improvisation, interaction and experimentation are each time of key importance for this project. Teun Verbruggen always looks for musicians and bands that share his common philosophy towards the rejection of classical music genres. These artists can have a very different background, but are all expected to keep an open mind while engaging in this musical project.

For the 2015 edition, Teun Verbuggen selected again some very exciting musicians. During the months of September, October and November RAT EVENT programmed three different concert at Het Bos, Antwerpen with a selection of the best contemporary improvised music the scene has to offer today

Tandaapushi (Leo Dupleix trio)
An Expedition in to the Mind of Sgt. Fuzzy

9/10/15 :
Louis Evrard Solo
Jozef Dumoulin Solo
Them Chemicals

Pak Yan Lau solo
Backback XL

1 2 3 4 video report out now!

We just released the video report of the 1 2 3 4 tour feat. De Beren Gieren, Susana Santos Silva and Kaja Draksler. They went to Portalegre Jazz festival (PT), Cankarjev Dom (SI) and Budapest Music Center (HU). Watch how the young jazz impro becomes a dream team, all in an athmospheric ambiance..

Produced by Aubergine, Druga Godba and Cleanfeed records, thanks to the flemish community support.

New challenge : Epaulé Jeté Jazzbar!

A new challenge for Aubergine Artist Management team and Teun Verbruggen. Together with the crew of Épaulé Jeté Flagey we'll provide you fine tasting jazz. Live concerts once a week in the most cosy jazzbar in town!
Next week at the International Jazz Day on April 30th Epaulé Jeté - the charming bistrot at Flagey in Ixelles - adds to its moto "Lieu de Vie"  on some evenings "Lieu de Jazz". In this very attractive bar, everything comes together perfectly: good music and delicious food in a beautiful setting. At least once a week there's live jazz on the program. During the weekends DJs will also spice up their sets with a lot of jazzy tunes.
The Brussels quintet "Les Chroniques de l'Inutiles" lead by Benjamin Sauzereau will play at the opening of this new "Lieu de Jazz".


Last month Aubergine Artist Management welcomed BRZZVLL to its management. BRZZVLL is founded by Vincent Brijs. The band plays improvised dance music with a jazz-fusion, funk and rare groove sound like those of the 70’s: tight bass and drums, funky horns, imaginative and sexy guitar and keyboards. Each song is in a very playful mood of groove.

BRZZVLL recently released a new album, called “Engines” in which they invite Anthony Joseph, a poet, novelist, academic and musician born in Trinidad and now living in the UK. He released three critically acclaimed albums with "The Spasm Band". His latest album "Time" was produced by none other than Meshell Ndegeocello.

Aubergine Artist Management also starts working with Dans Dans for international bookings (except UK & Nl). Dans Dans unites the talent of three musicians at the top of their game: Bert Dockx on guitar (the driving force behind Flying Horseman), Fred Lyenn on bass (better known as Lyenn, songwriter and guitarist, bass player for Mark Lanegan) and Steven Cassiers on drums (also with Dez Mona and others). Together they create music that categorizes from garage jazz, psychedelic blues and ecstatic noir soundtracks to spacey rock-‘n-roll.

Their new album ‘3’, produced by Koen Gisen, came out in November. It was rewarded with a nomination in the top 10 category "Best Album National” by Humo's pop poll and CuttingEdge.

LABtrio and De Beren Gieren at STORM Festival

In 2015 De Beren Gieren will be working on their new creation “One Mirrors Many". For this creation, the trio has manifested an interest into bringing electronic elements to the trio. They are working on building their own analog effects, loopers, contact microphones which will be used and adapted to the sound of the trio. For the performance, the electronic gear will be triggered live by the musicians to accompany the compositions and improvisations of joyful trio De Beren Gieren. "One Mirrors Many" will be premiered at STORM! Festival (20/02/15, Oostend). 

LABtrio started with The New York project when Lander Gyselinck and Bram De Looze lived in New York between 2012 and 2013 and both studied at the New School for Jazz and Contemporary music. Since they came back to Belgium they both had a strong wish to pursue working with fellow New Yorker musicians and so started the LABtrio New York project in collaboration with Michaël Attias (Paul Motian, Anthony Braxton,…) on saxophone and Christopher Hoffman (Henry Threadgill's Zooid, Marc Ribot,…) on cello. They will have their first residency in February 2015 where the quintet will create a repertoire together. This will be premiered on the occasion of STORM! festival (Oostende) and BRAND festival (Mechelen) on the 20th and 21st of February.

De Beren Gieren meets Oerknal!

This December, De Beren Gieren are co writting music with Dutch new music collective Oerknal!
This ensemble is dedicated to performing the works of composers who are original, iconoclastic and alive! They believe that music is a visceral art which should be experienced in an intense, physical manner. They promote new music in the truest sense of the term.

Opting for the theme of juxtaposition (juxtaposition, n. - an act or instance of placing close together or side by side, especially for comparison or contrastas opposed to fusion), they present two distinct, raw, and visceral musical styles side-by-side, creating a schizophrenic soundscape for the listener. The centerpiece of these concerts will be a new work created by Oerknal! and De Beren Gieren, performed by the two groups simultaneously. De Beren Gieren will perform two sets of original material; Oerknal! will present music by contemporary composers inspired - to a greater or lesser extent - by popular genres: John Zorn, Lewis Nielson and David Bird.

If you love jazz, modern music, or any kind of wildly unique experience, these concerts are most certainly for you!

12.12 @ State X New Forms festival /Paard van Troje, Den Haag (NL)
20.12 @ Bimhuis, Amsterdam (NL)

More info here:

Triggers and Thresholds

Jens Maurits Orchestra is currently working on its new project “Triggers and Thresholds”; a 10-headed art-installation-concert questioning the possible processes in life that formed sound into music.

The inspiration for this project came from interviews the artists conducted with different scientists on the theories of evolution, consciousness and neurology. Together, the Jens Maurits Orchestra adds poems and instruments to tell the audience a story about the behavior of the ape-man, the tip of the cochlea and the whispers of our subconscious.

Not only musically and theatrically, but also visually, "Triggers and Thresholds" is a performance that unfolds a unique view on modern science. An installation made of microphones and magnetic tapes demonstrates a mechanism that is slowly building a memory, while rewriting its present at the same time.

Leading thinkers of this collective are Jens Bouttery (drummer/composer) and Daan Milius (videomaker). In the previous award-winning project The Dubtapes – interviews in concert, they researched the musicality of their language. For "Triggers and Thresholds", they are accompanied by Lucas Kramer (installation), James Douglas Eynon (text) Niels Van Heertum (euphonium / flugelhorn / trumpet), Dorian Dumont (piano), Benjamin Sauzereau (guitar), Rik Sturtewagen (violin), Lennart Heyndels (cello) and Joris Lindemans (bass).

We would like to invite everyone to the première of Triggers and Thresholds, which will be held at Rataplan (Antwerp) on September 27th during the festival BORG.

For more information about this unique project, please visit the artists’ blog or watch their video’s on vimeo (

This project was realized with the support of the Flemish goverment and our partners: Rataplan, Jazz Station, Vrijstaat O and Aubergine Artist Management.

New collaboration project : 1 2 3 4

1 2 3 4 ” is a new collaboration project between 3 organizations and 3 brilliant artists from Belgium, Portugal and Slovenia:
(BE) presenting DE BEREN GIEREN with Fulco Ottervanger piano, Lieven Van Pee double-bass, Simon Segers drums (BE), CLEAN FEED RECORDS (PT) presenting SUSANA SANTOS SILVA trumpet (PT), DRUGA GODBA (SI)  presenting KAJA DRAKSLER piano (SI)

We propose the best upcoming Indie Jazz talents in Europe in one night :
1  Kaja Draksler solo
2  Kaja Draksler and Susana Santos Silva duo
De Beren Gieren trio
De Beren Gieren and Susana Santos Silva quartet

4 important facts

1  All of the artists where selected at 12 points between 2011 and 2012.
2  In 2013, De Beren Gieren showcased at Jazzahead!, in 2014, it’s the turn of Kaja Draksler to be in the official showcase program.
3  Kaja Draksler played at Ljubljana Jazz festival (SLO) in 2012 and released “The Life of many others” on Clean Feed in 2013
De Beren Gieren and Susana Santos Silva will play at Ljubljana Jazz festival in 2014 and will release an album together on Clean Feed records.

More information here

Welcome to MannGold de Cobre!

MannGold De Cobre is a very unconventonial big band. It is the rock band MannGold (Rodrigo Fuentealba  and Philipp Weies on guitar;  Karel de Backer and Matthias Standaert on drums; and Martin Standaert on bass) extended with a unique brass section (8 horns) led by Peter Vermeersch (also known from Flat Earth Society). The result is a powerful sound, which floats, swirls, rages and rumbles between jazz, psychedelic rock 'n roll, kraut, noise, film noir, Sun Ra and trance.

MannGold De Cobre will release their first vinyl on Vynilla and CD on El Negocito Records this 19th of april 2014 during Record Store Day. At this occasion they play at Vinylla records store in Gent at 3pm. Later you will see them on some great Belgian summerfestivals... so keep tuned!

Video clip here

Jazz#Forum - 11th of March in Brussels

Jazz#Forum will take place on the 11th of March in Flagey Brussels for it's third edition.

Jazz#Forum is the opportunity for Belgian jazz professionals to gather. The aim of the Jazz#Forum is to create a networking space for musicians, organizers and press to meet, exchange information, create debates and think about the future of Jazz in Belgium and beyond. You will find a detailed program of the day here in french and here in flemish.

When : 11th of March between 10am and 5pm.
Where : Flagey, Place Sainte Croix, 1050 Brussels
Price :10€ for the whole day /5€ for students / 15€ for the Jazz#Forum + concert Steven Delannoye New York Trio featuring Jozef Dumoulin.

Subscribe here as soon as possible!

New band : LABtrio

Aubergine Artist Management welcomes a new band: LABtrio!
They have just released their first album "Fluxus" on Outhere records. The album already received the "Revelation" title from Frank Bergerot on Jazz Magazine (nov. 2013).

"Halfway between a telluric Supersilent, a tortured E.S.T. or an acoustic Flying Lotus, the music of LABtrio has still very little to do with the cosmopolitan world of it's mentor's trio [Aka Moon]. But they have one thing in common: the status of charming ambassadors of Belgian jazz" Mathieu Durand - Jazz news, december 2013

They are playing at the Glimps showcase festival in Gent on the 13th of december.

We are preparing LABtrio's 2014 tour: available between july and october.
Please sent us your request on

Teun Verbruggen won the Jazzmozaïek Award 2013

Teun Verbruggen is the winner of this year’s international competition Jazz Hoeilaart.

The purpose of this annual Jazzmozaïek Award is to highlight the Belgian jazz scene and to distinguish one Belgian jazz musician who - in the spirit of Jazz Hoeilaart – encourages, stimulates and sets an example for the younger generation of Belgian jazz musicians.

This price is handed out by the editorial of Jazzmozaïek, the jazz magazine of Flanders, published by supporting organization Muziekmozaïek.

The award price consists of a concert project and a work of art made by musician Chris Joris.

Aubergine invited to coordinate the Belgian Jazz Meeting!

Aubergine has been invited to coordinate this year's Belgian Jazz Meeting. It is a professional showcase event that aims to promote Belgian jazz internationally. 
It takes place in Liège, Belgium from Friday 6th to Sunday 8th of September 2013.

An initiative of Museact (Gaume Jazz Festival, Jazz 04/Les Chiroux, Jazz Station, Maison du Jazz/Jazz à Liège, Les Lundis d'Hortense, Collectif du Lion, Sowarex/Igloo, Ecoutez-Voir), Jazz Brugge, Wallonie-Bruxelles Musiques and Flanders Music Centre. With the support of Federation Wallonie-Bruxelles, the Vlaamse Gemeenschap, the city and the provence of Liège and the city of Bruges.

more info here

Aka Moon 20 years movie premieres on Mezzo tv

The movie "20 YEARS OF AKA MOON INVITES MAGIC MALIK LIVE AT JAZZ STATION (BRUXELLES)" shot last december is now ready and will be broadcasted on Mezzo tv. You can watch it on these dates:
25/06/2013 @ 9h20 and 23h20
26/06/2013 @ 19h50 
30/06/2013 @ 12h05
01/07/2013 @ 16h00
06/07/2013 @ 17h00
24/07/2013 @ 23h30

More info here

AlefBa (Aka Moon) premieres @ Festival d'Aix-en-Provence

AlefBa is the combination of the two first letters of the arabic alphabet. After the Tahrir Square events, Aka Moon had the need to explore the arab world new musical expressions. For this journey they've gathered a group of amazing musicians from Egypt, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Belgium and France.

Premieres July, 10th @ Festival d’Aix-en-Provence (France)

more info here

DE BEREN GIEREN release second album in the fall

De Beren Gieren's second album entitled a raveling is coming up! You can already listen to two songs here.
The official release concert will take place @ Handelsbeurs, Bruges on October 3rd and will be followed by a Belgian tour in September and October. Dates to be announced soon.

AKA MOON wins belgian jazz award!

On the International Jazz Day, we are happy to announce that Aka Moon have won the belgian award Octaves de la musique 2013 in the Jazz category.
Congrats to the trio!!!
(the ceremony will be broadcasted on the 6th of May in local belgian tv's)


DE BEREN GIEREN have been selected for an official showcase at Jazzahead in Bremen.
Come and discover them in BORGWARD SAAL on Saturday 27th of April at 17h00.

You can also find us at the Belgian Stand (F04) from thursday to sunday. Come and meet us there...

We would also advise you to come on Friday at 17h, since we'll be serving real Belgian beer and cheese!